The United Kingdom RagaMuffin Cat Society


President: John Hansson      Founded 2008      Vice President: Steve Crow

Breeding Policy for the RagaMuffin Breed


img00011In the early 1960’s Ann Baker, of Riverside, California, developed a number of breeds of cats, collectively known as “Cherubims”. The distinguishing characteristics of these breeds were their exceptionally docile, sweet temperaments, large size, and easy care coats.

The exact method by which she developed these breeds is clouded in controversy, misinformation and even conjecture. The truth is that no one knows exactly how or why these cats are the way they are. The fact that her cats possessed the qualities claimed are undisputed, and that they still maintain these qualities today is remarkable, a fact that makes the exact inception inconsequential. What is known is that the first cats used in her breeding programs were those that roamed free in her Riverside neighborhood. They came in all colors. And, there were no pedigreed cats used to develop the original gene pool.

img00023From the beginning, RagaMuffin breeders have faced the challenge of gaining acceptance for their cats as a distinct breed, despite their common origins with Ragdolls. The patterns that form so important a part of the Ragdoll standard receive little emphasis from RagaMuffin breeders. They accept every colour and pattern, with or without white.

In the RagaMuffin Breed there are two Colourpointed genes, the one that you would find in the Siamese and the one you would find in the Burmese. Neither of these genes are dominant over the other.  When put together  this achieves a blended effect, as you would find in the Tonkinese. The Burmese Colourpointed Pattern is referred to in the USA as Sepia with the Tonkinese Pattern referred to as Mink.

img00024Due to their early limited genetic base, the United Kingdom RagaMuffin Cat Society recommend that breeders should always check the compatibility of prospective parent RagaMuffins, not only by health and type but that pedigrees avoid  repetition of common ancestors.

The Health and Temperament of the RagaMuffin are  the most important attributes of the breed therefore only cats with these qualitities should be chosen for breeding so that this is passed on to their progeny.

It is the policy of the United Kingdom RagaMuffin Cat Society that the RagaMuffin of the future remains the same as the original cats which were bred and imported from the USA.